Wadia 170iTransport
High Performance Modification Descriptions, Prices, & Options
High Performance Mod Package Was $395, Sale $300 InstalledShipped
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Modification Package Descriptions

Ultra low impedance capacitor replacements-
We replace an abundance of the cheap SMD style board voltage rail decoupling capacitors in all critical areas inside of the
170i to the ultra low impedance capacitors by Rubycon and Panasonic. Very Nice improvement! A HUGE change in total sonic
tonality and character. The stock capacitors are very poor in comparison of the factors of impedance and ripple current & will
not let you realize the full potential of this unit!

DEXA UWB (Ultra Wide Bandwidth) Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulators-
The DEXA UWB Regulator is a high end ultra low noise replacement to the OEM SMD +5vdc & +3.3vdc voltage regulators
used to regulate DC voltage in the 170i transport. All critical IC chips and circuits run from these regulators. "Your
performance is as only as good as the power feeding the circuit..." Unfortunately the OEM SMD regulators have very poor
noise performance. Especially since there are noise sources around the OEM regulators, like ripple or load fluctuations.  In
comparison to all the OEM regulators, the UWB's have more than 100 times better ripple rejection, 10 times lower noise, and
no line and load regulation error. The result is a
drastic improvement across the entire spectrum and more dynamic range. A
complete eye opening improvement!

Internal Wood Damping-
Wood is the best for tone! This is why instruments such as guitars and violins are made from it.  We have found out that if the
component can physically fit blocks of wood inside, this is a much better vibration isolator than a synthetic man made product
made from either vinyl or asphalt. Sounds alot better! Natural maple and oak wood is applied to specific areas to minimalize
the amount of internal vibrations and ringing. The bottom cover of the 170i is very resonant and applying wood there makes
the unit have a more solid feel to it now.

High Quality Vampire RCA Connectors for Digital output-
The complaint from our customers with the stock 170i  is the stock flimsy digital output coaxial connector. Connecting
aftermarket digital cables to this stock connector, especially with the Eichmann bullet plugs on them almost makes it feel like
that connector is going to break off!!  We replace this stock flimsy digital output RCA connector with a very high quality
Vampire RCA jack mounted onto the chassis of the rear of the 170i to vastly improve the signal integrity and rigidity over the
stock jack!! This output is also enhanced as its wired via cryoed Silver Wire from the digital output section. This is a must!!

We can also install a BNC connector instead of this RCA connector upgrade. (No Charge)
Due to popular request, we can install a WBT Nextgen RCA Connector for the digital output instead of the vampire connector.
This will add $50 to the costs. Please note that if your using eichmann bullet connectors that you must make sure that the
ground pin is connecting to the ground ring on the WBT nextgens.
Please email us after you have place your order to let us know and we will add this.
ASi "NO LIMITS" Ultra High Performance DAC Output Section- New Updated Circuit Board! 7/2011
The shortest signal path is the best path for the best sound! This is our theory and we make it a realization by adding a custom "state
of the art" digital to analog output stage board inside the Wadia 170iTransport.  This now allows the Wadia 170iTransport to be
directly connected into a preamplifier, integrated or receiver and the extra costs of additional cabling and outboard DAC are now not
needed.  Details of the DAC board upgrade include the finest sounding flagship 24/192khz  D-A converters, ASi custom Silver Wire
and cotton tubing for all wiring purposes and the
finest quality audio signal coupling transformers. There are no signal resistors, no
signal coupling capacitors or any other such part in the signal path for the purest sound possible!!!!!

Here are the functional changes of the unit with this drastic upgrade:

Upgraded Digital output RCA jack is now a Digital Input RCA jack (BNC option, no charge, WBT upgrade $30 or 60 xtra)
Connect any other digital device (ie: PC Audio, CD player, etc..) into the ASi Modified iTransport for unbelievable performance!

Switch installed to select between "Ipod digital audio" and External Digital Audio
Switch is installed on the rear, flip the switch up and you will enjoy the digital audio from your ipod unit, flip it down to use the "digital
input" connector from any spdif source.

Analog "pass through" outputs are now the ASi DAC stage outputs
The standard "pass through" circuits are removed completely and the isolated RCA jacks are the new audio output jacks.  These are
the only "audio out" jacks on the unit after this upgrade.

All video output jacks work the same as a stock unit.

There are no software changes or any compatibility issues with the ipod section.

Unprecedented World Class Performance, Only available from ASi !
High Performance Modification Package with ASi "NO LIMITS" DAC Board
Was $1295, Sale $995! Installed/Shipped Contact us using form below
Send your iTransport in for mods/rebuild
                                 NO LIMITS!!!!!
ASi can turn your Wadia 170iTransport into a "State of the Art" Digital to Analog Converter!

This is the
only internal DAC solution on the market! This has been designed to outperform any
outboard DAC out there. We have tried many in a-b comparisons.....No compromises!

You can have a world class lossless audio playback media server via your Ipod and DAC system
built into one nice little box!
Save your money & time and enjoy the music with the ASi "NO LIMITS" version of the 170i.

Time to forget those expensive digital cables, power cables & stock outboard DAC's! We have a
MUCH better sounding solution, that fits right inside the Wadia 170i!!  Also DIGITAL INPUT!!!
OTM "Off the Mains" optimal battery power solution for Wadia 170i Was $695, Sale $525
Imagine your Wadia 170iTransport operating on a optimal battery power supply, for days! Complete "off the grid" optimal battery
supply performance! This is not based off a cheap SLA battery either. A much more expensive version with much lower internal
impedance factors and capacitance decoupling tuning is done to optimize the performance.  Play your music through your iPod and/or
the ASi "NO LIMITS" DAC section completely off the grid using a "properly" designed battery supply for breathtaking performance.

New redesign chassis is made from beautiful spalted silver maple wood and will act as isolation platform for 170i !!!!

Custom made per order placed  (add extra 1 week or so). This replaces the stock wadia switching power supply and we
use the special 3 pin cable from it and adapt it to this battery supply.

DEXA D-Clock upgrade Was $325, Sale $275
Replace stock oscillator for critical USB/SPDIF chip with DEXA D-Clock for vast improvement in overall performance. This mod is
necessary to get the most out of your wadia 170i! Lowers jitter to the processing chip for seriously increased performance, far less
noise (ie: jitter) means substantial performance improvements!!  Contrary to many online forum conversations and debates about
jitter and the Wadia 170i, all you need to do is listen to a stock Wadia 170i and a Wadia 170i with the D-Clock upgrade to immediately
hear the improvement. Its that simple. We are making the Wadia 170i outperform some very expensive CD transports or players
however you need to make sure your source material is ripped correctly. If you want the extreme, look at the neutron star below!!

DEXA Neutron Star Flagship Clock Upgrade Was $695, Sale $595
This flagship clock upgrade will replace the stock oscillator that feeds the internal USB/SPDIF chip for the very least amount of noise
and jitter possible and the highest potential of performance that is possible within todays technological limits.
Contrary to many online forum conversations and debates about jitter and the Wadia 170i, all you need to do is listen to a stock
Wadia 170i and a Wadia 170i with the incredible Neutron Star Flagship clock upgrade to immediately hear the drastic improvement. Its
that simple. We are making the Wadia 170i outperform some very expensive CD transports or players however you need to make
sure your source material is ripped correctly.

Bybee Slipstream Filter Upgrade Was $300, Sale $250
We add Bybee slipstream to purify quantum noises and seriously improve the sonics from top to the bottom of the spectrum.
Lets take the Wadia 170i even further with more "No Limits" options!
Questions about our Wadia 170i Mods?  
Email us here or fill out the form at the bottom of the screen.
ship worldwide.
Request More Information about our Wadia mods and any special request!
Lossless Digital
Audio Playback
to the Highest
Plateau!! "

The Wadia 170iTransport is another product that Wadia can put on their resume of "industry firsts". The first to extract bit perfect digital audio out of a
iPod/touch (or iphone) is surely an industry accomplishment.  ASi first got a look at the 170i at CES 2008 and we were eager to get one of these units to
implement into our new DS1 100% digital system that we were in the midst of designing at the time. When we first received our unit it did not take more than a
minute of listening to uncompressed WAV files to understand the potential of this innovative digital playback component.  Many hours of circuit studying,
listening tests and comparisons went into play to design the modifications that we feel will rocket the performance of your system to the highest level.  Hence
we came up with an affordable upgrade package that will satisfy any listener using the 170i in their system. We also developed some premium options for the
most demanding audiophile purists out there that will use this with their reference systems.

We had many customers ask us about this product and also outboard Digital to Analog recommendations. Our theory is "closest circuit path is always the best
for sound". So what does this mean?  KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid ! No expensive digital cables, no expensive power cables or extra power supply noise!
Even more importantly though, no extra connections, eddy currents, impedance, inductance, EMI/RFI, etc.... Basically, no extra added in "crap". So with this
theory in mind, we engineered (ok, hardwired...) our ultra high performance DAC board (an optional premium upgrade) into the 170i to accept digital signals
from either the iPod itself or from a newly added digital input connection (hook up your CD player or PC audio or whatever!) and transformer coupled the
output stage right to the RCA analog outputs (now isolated from the iPod pass through section).  Performance is now absolutely stunning to say the least. The
sound stage that this 170i threw out was so huge and deep. I knew I had something extremely special happening. This topology was completely optimal over
using any external DAC I have ever tried. Also any stock megabuck CD player that we have heard wouldn't be close to this level of sound either!
If your are looking for State of the Art performance using not only your lossless audio files on your iPod or any reference digital source you might have, you
owe it to yourself to save many thousands of dollars on unnecessary gear and get your Wadia 170i modified to the ASi "NO LIMITS" Level today!!!
World Wide

Shipping is $65
anywhere outside
of North America.
email or
use form below if
your outside
North America to
purchase and
Already have a CD player with digital input? We can
make it a great combo for you! Here is a pic of the ASi
Modified Wadia 170i playing lossless WAV files into a
ASi Premium Modified Cambridge Azur 840c. We can
listen to our lossless files from the iPod and then
instantly switch to a spinning CD in the player. This
setup is great!  
What to expect after the ASi Mod to the 170i?
The overall sonic quality is taken to another level, pushing it several steps ahead and revealing shortcomings in the sound of
the stock unit. The sound stage opens up tremendously giving it more "freedom". There is much more realism and serious
reduction in any digital harshness that was present in the stock unit. More tonal texture with more weight and speed in
dynamics. High frequencies sound more relaxed and smooth, no more fatigue with extending listening sessions here. The
stock 170i unit with iPod playing lossless sounds compressed (or pinched) in comparison, a quick side by side comparison
easily reveals this. The ASi modification really makes the 170i sound like (or better than) a very expensive modified CD
player when coupled with a iPod playing lossless files!
Here is a pic of the modifications done on the Wadia 170i
internal circuit board in just the $395 modification
package. Great boost in performance over the stock unit!
Here is a pic of the ASi Modified Wadia 170i feeding into a
ASi Modified Xindak DAC-5. Stellar sounding combination!
  • Modification Package for 170i to boost stock unit performance Was $395, Sale $300
  • Above Modification Package w/ASi "NO LIMITS" DAC inside Was $1295, Sale $995


  • WBT Nextgen RCA upgrade $50
  • DEXA D-Clock upgrade $325, Sale $275
  • DEXA Neutron Star Flagship Clock upgrade $695, Sale $595
  • Bybee Filters upgrade $300, Sale $250
  • ASi OTM "Off The Mains" Battery Upgrade Option $695 (built per order), Sale $525
  • World Wide International shipping outside of USA/Canada $65 for Wadia 170i
  • World Wide International shipping outside of USA/Canada $175 for ASi OTM (30lbs)
ASi Teknologies
World Wide
Doug, thank you for convincing me to send in my Wadia unit for the $395 stage 1 mod... I had some hesitation in the
beginning but upon return I was graced with music that now flows out from the speakers in a very musical way. The
bass quality has really improved, alas the soundstage width-depth and overall definition is much more textured and
resolute. I will send the unit back without hesitation for the neutron star and possibly the dac output. I have great
Dave C.

Asi tek modified my wadia 170 with the modifications and the neutron star clock.
I am thrilled how my Apple lossless files sound now with my benchmark DAC 1. I tested various CDP's and CDT's to
the mod wadia/ipod classic combo and it has them all easily beat. I am one extremely satisfied customer.  
Scott A. (Thomasville, GA)
Recent Unsolicited Customer Feedback Section
This is the Wadia 170i modified with $395 modification package
and $695 Neutron Star flagship clock upgrade.
UNBELIEVABLE!  This setup into my 100% digital system
provides sound that megabuck CD players cannot come even
Here is the ASi modified Wadia 170i with $395 mod package and $695
Neutron star flagship clock going into a ASi modified 100% digital
Behringer DCX2496 crossover and then feeding into the ASi modified
100% digital Panasonic XR-57 (tri-amplifer) (not a receiver anymore...).
 The entire system is 100% digital and ultra ultra ultra low jitter... and
no crossover parts to "drain" the sound! All cables are ASi Digital,
Power and Speaker silver wire cables! No Analog anywhere!
Here is a pic of the modifications done on a Wadia 170i
internal circuit board with the $395 modification
package and the $325 DEXA D-Clock upgrade. Major
improvements! If you can afford the best, look below..!
100% Digital System (NO DAC CHIPS!) with NO crossover parts!
Upgraded RCA Digital out
Upgraded BNC Digital out
Upgrade option:
WBT Nextgen Add $50
ASi "NO LIMITS" Ultra High
Performance DAC output
section, Modification package
upgrades and optional Neutron
Star Flagship Clock upgrade
shown in this pic

All of these mods fits under the
hood of this slimline product!
Innovative!! Switch installed to select between Aux Digital Input
or the Ipod digital audio. This process is seamless and no
cut/loss in music! Also notice digital input connector upgrade.
Use your computer audio or CD transport with this stellar
modification for unbelievable performance!!
I had the following upgrades done(please note I am not going to go into every detail of the upgrades. I will put the link
to the site so that you can read for yourself):

1.Power Supply Replacement and Upgrade-which now allows me to plug my Shunyata Python into the Wadia.
2.Ultra low impedance capacitor replacements
3.DEXA UWB (Ultra Wide Bandwidth) Ultra Low Noise Voltage Regulators
4.Internal Wood Damping
5.High Quality Vampire RCA Connectors for Digital output
6.DEXA Neutron Star Flagship Clock Upgrade-with less than 2ps of jitter.
7.Bybee Slipstream Filter Upgrade

Now let me first say that the stock Wadia's sound quality was about 97% of what my Lector Transport produces. As
everyone knows I think the Lector DAC and Transport are the most analog sounding digital gear I have ever heard. In
my opinion they are two of the best pieces on the market if your point of reference is vinyl like mine.

Also note before I go on that I use an external Cd drive made by Yamaha to import my Cd's into iTunes. I do this
because the internal drives record too much noise from my computer. All music is recorded using iTunes with error
correction on, in WAV format, with a sampling rate of 48,000kHz.

Lastly, I use the iPod touch which has a solid state drive which means there is no internal noise produced, unlike the
standard iPod which uses a hard drive.

So how did the Wadia sound after I got it back and broke it in for 100 hours? I can't believe I am going to write this,
but I actually preferred the sound of the Wadia to the Lector transport. Now let me state that it was close. It took a lot
of A/B/A comparisons with different music to even tell the difference. In the end it came down to this: The Lector had a
slight advantage at bringing low level detail to the forefront but the Wadia produced a smoother sound. Now by
smoother I don't mean that the highs were rolled off but that it lacked some of the digital harshness that the Lector
produced(which by industry standards is extremely low by the way). At the end of the day I enjoy listening to my
Wadia now more than my Lector.

Now in fairness results may vary. I am running my Wadia into the Lector Digicode which has tube outputs, an amazing
re-clocker, and accepts 48,000kHz sampling. I don't know what the Wadia would sound like with a lesser DAC.

If you own a Wadia I strongly recommend contacting ASi Teknologies about upgrading your Wadia. For a little over
$1,000 you can turn it into a high end transport. Please note I am in no way affiliated with ASi and make no money
promoting their upgrades. I am just a very satisfied customer.

Audiogon Member "Nrostov"
Click here for a link to his very impressive system in the "All out Assault" system section
First off my hat's off to Mr. Doug Jesse and what he has been doing the Wadia 170i transport...  I always wondered why
no-one has built a GOOD iPod type  HT type player yet? so I started looking into them all and ran across this Wadia 170i in
the magazine Sound and Vision and thought this is it!! then started looking into them online and this brought me to  the
MASTER OF MODS a.k.a. Mr. Doug Jesse. so I checked out what he was doing and said to myself he's got it!! what a idea a
BUILT IN DAC on this unit..so I ordered one with the neutron star mod & digital out mod  and I can't believe what I'm hearing
thought what sounds like a whole new HT set-up that I've had for a few years now!! yes this is very IMPRESSIVE and
UNBELIEVABLE,so I'll stop  there for now and tell you what I heard now,  the whole sound stage has woken up from the top to
the bottom and I mean woke-up!! I have about 100 plus hours break-in right now and the sound will get even better , first off
rich full vocals and bass that you just think of with a iPod/iTouch player, the whole dynamics of the music has been pumped
-up with that old school rich sound and depth in the music that you just can't get plus it's all in ONE UNIT!   so really just order
one you'll see..lol... Doug  thanks a ton buddy your the man on this Wadia 170i , ....    

my HT system is the following  Outlaw 990 pre/pro, Outlaw 7125 amp 125wpc@ 7ways, 4 Outlaw 200wpc mono-blocks,Wadia
170i & Wadia connectors on the unit, CAL CL10 cd player, Rane THX44 HT equalizer , DBX 4BX expander, also not pictured
is a Denon DP-47F turntable with Monster cable connectors on it, all the power comes in through Monster Power Pro 2500
and a HTS 3500 power conditioners, all connectors are Outlaw and MIT Z-cords II on the Wadia & CAL, 4 Infinity Alpha 50's /
center is Alpha 37c, 3 500w Alpha 1200s subs / 2 alpha 20's for backs, all hooked up with M-series speaker cables and all 4
towers bi-amped with the mono-blocks running the low end.. these Infinity will sound MUCH better if you Bi-Amp them,     I'll
check back after break-in and finish this feedback so call this part one...lol.

Dave S. IOWA (yes there is high end audio in Iowa!)
If you are using a ASi Modified Wadia 170i into a stock CD player or
DAC, you are not getting the best performance unless its modified.
Your options will be to get the ASi NO LIMITS DAC stage built into
the 170i (preferred) or have us modify your DAC or CD players
output stage to realize the maximum potential.
"Ultra High Performance A/V Modifications & New Innovative Product Solutions!"